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Directors & Officers

"Whoever said business is not personal, never ran their own business"- Anon

Though an old saying, 'It's tough at the top' is more true in business today than ever before.

As the UK faces a double-dip recession, business managers are increasingly being stretched to their limits in order to ensure the survival of their business, as well as the livelihood of their employees.

Even though businesses need to concentrate every effect and resource on maximising profit margins, it seems new legislation just keeps on coming. All of this adds to the pressure company managers are facing on a daily basis.

Sometimes, things can go wrong. When it does, unfortunately, it is often the individual employee, manager or director that is prosecuted or sued (rather than the company). To put this into perspective, this means your savings, your home, your pension, your assets and your liberty are all at risk.

At Leopard Risk Management in association with Gauntlet we understand all the risks you face on a daily basis from staff, customers, competitors and from legislation.

We deal with only the biggest and best international Directors and Officers and Entity insurers to ensure that, not only is your company protected, but so are your employees. This includes protection from things like:

  • Corporate Manslaughter prosecutions
  • Investigations and prosecutions from HMRC/HSE/and regulators
  • Libel and Slander
  • Breach of Contract
  • And much much more

We obtain the broadest available cover from our insurers at the most competitive rates possible.

Should things go wrong, we understand that you may prefer your own accountant or solicitor to act on your behalf. Therefore, we can ensure that our policies give you that option (wherever possible) and payment can go directly from insurers to the nominated professional.

When an individual in your team or the entire business come under investigation, everything could be at risk. The time and money to deal with these cases can be extraordinary. Protecting your business with our services will help with this, especially at a time when businesses are already at their most vulnerable.

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