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"There's only one way to make a small fortune in haulage these days...start with a large fortune" - P Sygrove

From owner-drivers to large international operators, the haulage sector faces risks like no other industry.

With the spiralling costs of fuel and extreme European competition, profit margins in the freight and haulage industry are feeling the pinch more than ever before. Vehicle problems such as cracked windscreens or a blow out can result in a unit becoming unprofitable for a large amount of time - often weeks. This is not good news at a time when every penny counts.

A lot of insurance providers claim to be experts in this industry, but many of them rely on package policies where their small print contains a lot of exclusions of which the policy holder is often unaware.

At Leopard Risk Management, in association with Gauntlet, we don't use package policies. We get to know your business so we can provide you with the level of cover you need. We ask questions that other providers don't:

  • Is your load still insured if your driver is asleep in the cab?
  • If a £200,000 load was lost and you were only insured for a tenth of that, how would your client react?
  • If you lost a load worth hundreds of thousands of pounds and a judge overturned your conditions of carriage, could your business survive?
  • Are your trailers covered when detached from the unit?
  • Are you covered if a sub-contractor lost a load and his insurance failed?
  • Are European drivers covered on my fleet insurance?

At Leopard Risk Management, we take a proactive approach to insurance for the truck and haulage industries. We know that you need the broadest possible cover at a price driven down as low as possible. Furthermore, you need an insurance policy which pays out fully and quickly. You and your business deserve an insurance policy tailored to your business needs, and at a price that will allow you to make a profit. Talk to us today...

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